The Motu Iti Cocktail -the Ultimate Martini.

The name comes from the South Pacific it's taste from the Tropics anywhere - the Bahamas, the Carribbean the Seychelles. It is especially suitable on cold winter nights, when you wish you were in a tropical clime.

One winter, I was sitting in my favorite chair, and in the mood for a cocktail. I wanted something reminiscent of the tropics and more specifically Polynesia. All I knew was, I didn't want a punch-like drink in a tall glass with lots of ice and all sorts of fruit juices. I had a fancy for a tropic-like martini cocktail. So after having fun with some experimentation, I came up with my new libation. I call it the Motu Iti, Polynesian meaning "Little Island".

I filled a small (single drink) shaker with ice and added Mount Gay Rum to about a half inch from the top. I then filled it the rest of the way with equal amounts of Coconut Rum and Jacquin's Apricot Brandy. That translates into 3 oz + 1/2 oz + 1/2 oz. It was then of course, shaken not stirred.

Yup, tasted pretty darn good and now it's a staple in our household for special occasions. You might want to give it a try. The Coconut and Apricot punch through enough to give it a lovely tropical bouquet and taste. Offer your guests a Motu Iti. And if you find yourself in a nice restaurant ask for one which I've done. You'll probably have to provide the bartender with the recipe.

Note: I don't suggest using Baccardi or Ron Rico, or any clear type rum. Instead stick to a medium dark rum like Mount Gay or Appletown etc. On the other hand, dark rum like Myers, I find a bit over whelming. And Captain Morgan - fuhgeddaboudit.

from - Sandy Estabrook /