I began taping Star Trek the Next Generation from the first broadcast back in '87. And when it came along, Deep Space Nine too.

I had little to no interest in Voyager. By then the cast seemed like kids though I have to admit, I loved "7 of 9",
she was something else all right, and the only reason I'd take a look on occasion. And forget about Star Trek "Enterprise"
which aired in 2001.

Being a SciFi nut, I was greatly disappointed in the original series with Kirk, Spock and the gang. Kirk was too
camp for my taste. I've seen better sets in a high school play and the story lines were worse than a 50's "B"
movies. Nowhere did TOS even close to Forbidden Planet or War of the Worlds both of which proceeded
TOS by years.

Then TNG came along, with a level headed man of maturity as Commander and a spiced up cast
of unlikelies with great sets and good science (fiction) too. It was great! And when there was
a lousy episode like "Shades of Gray", it angered me. Anyway I am not here to discuss
the merits of each series / episodes.

In the mid 90's just as MP3's arrived but before TNG DVDs, I ran through every
episode (on VHS) of both series and extracted tiny but pertinent audio clips
of main characters saying things like "What the hell was that", and the
"Rules of Acquisition" plus a myriad of other trite utterances and
remarks. I have every Major Character of both TNG & DS9
introducing themselves. You can immagine how long
it took to search all the episodes to find them.

I then pasted the clips together in weird ways, usually
with a theme such as drinking, laughing, sex and
even breakfast. What you hear was never spoken.
Just my attempt at something silly
often brainless, idiotic and screwy.

What you hear is what you get. The
clips are in no particular order.

- Sandy Estabrook (1998)