Were you in High School in the Late Fifties?
Then you were lucky enough to be there there at the birth of

Rock & Roll
and of course
Doo Wop




45 Turntable             


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Give a listen to Sandy Estabrook's Uptempo Doo Wop Medley - (7:12)

My Favorite Uptempo Doo Wop


Alan Freed WJW Cleveland - Speedo

Alan Freed WINS 1010 NYC - Sincerly

Alan Freed WINS 1010 NYC - Close Your Eyes

Alan Freed WINS 1010 NYC- Oh What A Night


Medley Listing

My Favorite Doo Wop Ballad


Jocko Henderson WOV 1280 NYC - Stardust

Peter Tripp WMGM 1050 NYC - Dream Lover

Dick Biondi WKBW 1520 Buffalo - 40 Mi Bad Road

Joe Niagra WIBG 1020 Phila - Happy Birthday Baby


That's me in the middle.
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I registered my name .com then I had to put something in the address.
What you see is is the result with what little html I know.

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